The Insulative Power of Advanced Materials

Epsilyte is one of North America’s leading producers of advanced materials used in construction, packaging, and safety equipment. Our more than 300 team members focus every day on reducing energy usage in buildings, ensuring safe and healthy food delivery through innovative packaging technology, and protecting lives with our impact-resistant technology.

About Us

Carbon-Neutral by 2023

The leadership of Epsilyte, immediately following their formation in late 2020, made the commitment to being 100% carbon-neutral by 2023. Our commitment to carbon neutrality is not just a commitment to do solely through carbon offsets. Epsilyte is also committed to continuously reducing carbon emissions in our operations.

Highly Insulative Materials

Carbon-Favorable Products

On average a home insulated with our material saves almost half a ton of CO2 equivalents each year.

In 50 years a home insulated with our material will save 36 times more energy than it took to produce, ship, and install that Epsilyte material.

At over 95% air, Epsilyte products protect and insulate perishable shipments while also reducing fuel needed for distribution.

Over 70% of Epsilyte products are used in durable and life-sustaining applications.

Innovative Products & Industry Leading Technical Services

The Market Supplier of Sustainable Insulative Polymers

Insulative and Protective

Epsilyte is committed to leveraging the unique properties of our advanced materials to save and improve lives. Our high-impact technology is used in:

  • Bicycle Helmets
  • Car Seats
  • Vaccine Shipments

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