Epsilyte Unveils EPS Made with Post-Consumer Recycled Content

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Epsilyte, a leading North American producer of advanced materials, unveiled a product with a minimum of 50% certified post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

Epsilyte’s extrusion technology in its Piqua, Ohio, location enables this innovation. This new product, called 124LR, is certified by SCS Global annually to contain a minimum of 50% PCR. In addition to standard PCR purification technology, Epsilyte uses proprietary molecular weight engineering, innovations in nucleation, pelletizing, and external coatings to make 124LR perform as well (if not better) than virgin product made in a reactor. Read more about 124LR here.

“Increasing the recycled content in our products while also maintaining quality performance is essential and is just the beginning for Epsilyte,” said Chad Zielinski, Research Supervisor responsible for this innovation. “After our learnings and success with 124LR, we realize advanced products made with 100% recycled polystyrene are possible. We are working to be the first company to commercialize such products here at Epsilyte.”

Epsilyte remains focused on advancing new product development through chemistry-driven innovations that reduce material consumption. Cutting-edge development of advanced products that enhance sustainability for Epsilyte, its customers, and the world will remain a key component of Epsilyte’s growth strategy.