Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a fantastic material versatile enough to be used in food service, packaging, construction and infrastructure, and more. It is also a prolific manufacturing material available worldwide. That said, we believe companies are better off sourcing their EPS products from a domestic supplier or, more specifically, one in North America.

Your choice of EPS suppliers will impact multiple aspects of your business. As such, we are firmly committed to the idea that EPS manufacturers in North America are a better bet for North American buyers. Allow us to explain why.

1. Better Quality Assurance

Jurisdictions have different standards when it comes to EPS manufacturing. Standards in some jurisdictions tend to be higher than some other jurisdictions. As such, purchasing EPS products domestically allows for better quality assurance.

EPS manufacturers in North America adhere to strict quality standards and regulations. On a more granular level, an EPS supplier located in the same state or province is likely to adhere to more specific state standards. The fact of the matter is that quality assurance goes up when you source domestically.

2. Transport and Delivery

Regardless of who you choose to source EPS products from, there will be transportation involved. Purchasing domestically makes an enormous difference. Domestic EPS does not have to be transported overseas. It travels a shorter distance, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Domestic transport and delivery also tend to be cheaper. Why pay for overseas shipping when you can pay less for domestic delivery? And of course, do not forget speed. Overseas deliveries take time. They need to travel a greater distance and clear customs. Domestic deliveries get to your door faster.

3. Supporting the Domestic Economy

For the better part of 50 years, American manufacturers have been encouraging us to buy ‘Made in the USA’ products in support the American economy. Likewise, buying in Canada supports their economy. When you support domestic EPS manufacturers, you are spending money at home. That boosts the economy. Every purchase represents companies earning money, workers earning a paycheck, and the national economy getting stronger.

Source your EPS from a manufacturer closer to home and you are also supporting the local economy. It has been said that all economics are local, and that’s true to some extent. Strong local economies contribute to strong state and provincial economies, making for an economically strong country.

4. Get Better Customer Support

You expect your EPS supplier to provide solid customer support and technical assistance. And why not? Your company deserves the full support of every vendor you do business with. That support may not be everything you want it to be should you source your EPS from overseas providers.

Domestic suppliers are capable of providing better technical support and product knowledge because they know how their products are used here. They are often better at after-sales service as well, as they are more familiar with local market conditions and requirements.

5. The Potential for Greater Flexibility

Finally, EPS manufacturers in North America are capable of offering more flexibility in everything from delivery to technical support. They are familiar with how we do things in this part of the world. They are not hindered by cultural differences, time zones, and geopolitical considerations. As such, they are better able to meet your unique needs with maximum flexibility.

Yes, there are times when companies have no other choice but to go with an overseas EPS supplier. But whenever sourcing EPS domestically is possible, we believe doing so is a better deal. If you agree, we hope you will consider sourcing your EPS from Epsilyte.