Carbon-Favorable Products

Our Vision is That Our Products Have a Favorable Impact on Carbon Emissions

We focus on research and innovation efforts around this vision. Today there are three main ways we have found that our products can be carbon-favorable in society:

  • Conserve energy through better insulation. 70% of all Epsilyte products are used to insulate buildings to reduce energy usage.
  • Ever increasing recycled content in POLYSOURCE® products. POLYSOURCE® technology is uniquely suited to incorporate post-consumer recycled content. In fact, it was invented for recycling. We are committed to innovations that increase the recycled content in these products.
  • Anaerobic biodegradation in landfills. When organic waste in a landfill biodegrades, the methane is collected and used for energy production. We have engineered our biodegradable materials, so they contribute to this renewable energy production thereby reducing societies’ reliance on fossil fuel energy reduction.



Carbon-Favorable Products

Epsilyte News

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