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At Epsilyte, we make strategic decisions based on an environmental sustainability foundation. We are focused on a REDUCE-REUSE- RECYCLE approach. If we had to say only one thing about sustainability: REDUCE. Buy fewer things, travel fewer miles, and consume only what you need.

Secondly, REUSE products whenever possible. This is another strategy to buy less stuff.

The third best option is to RECYCLE; however, still in 2021, the United States lacks the infrastructure for recycling to be a truly viable third option. At this rate, only 15% of all plastic packaging is recycled in the U.S. Here at Epsilyte, we are not willing to have products made from our material accumulate in landfills while we wait for recycling to improve. We are also not willing to greenwash – claim that these products will be recycled when it is not likely they will be.

Therefore, Epsilyte is working to make  all of our packaging-grade materials biodegradable*. These products can still be recycled, joining the efforts in fixing the U.S. recycling problem. But, as we wait, our world needs a solution that works now. ADEPT® is that solution.


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* ADEPT® containing expanded polystyrene had accelerated biodegradation in comparison to standard expanded polystyrene when evaluated using ASTM D5511 test methods.