Keys to a Sustainable Future 

At Epsilyte, sustainability is ingrained in all our business decisions, including product development. We work tirelessly to create and improve products that sustain life and conserve energy. Our materials are used in building insulation, safety products, specialty food packaging, and healthcare. Our sustainability mindset has been the driver behind our business growth and innovation.

Our stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, and investors alike – are the core of our business, and they demand and expect sustainable values. We are here to deliver those values in alignment with expectations. As a scale manufacturing company, we understand our products and processes can impact the environment if not properly managed. We diligently monitor and seek to improve our environmental KPIs in alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our Sustainability Values

  • We believe that energy conservation is critical to a carbon-neutral future.
  • We are dedicated to transparent, science-based, and accurate reporting on the value of our advanced materials.
  • We emphasize safety, health, and sustainable chemistry in all that we do.
  • We make decisions that consider the REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE hierarchy within the current infrastructure and capabilities.
  • We own our material’s End-of-Life impact.

The REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE Hierarchy is at the Center of the Epsilyte Sustainability Strategy

Reducing use and consuming less is the most important way to minimize environmental impact. After expansion, our materials are 98% air. Our materials put air to work in the economy. Our advanced materials allow customers to build, package, and ship using 98% air. The chemistry of our advanced materials that enable the reduction of material consumption is the foundation of our sustainability-focused company. The next priority in the 3R sustainability strategy is reuse. This is why we are committed to using our advanced materials in durable applications, like building and construction. Finally, recycling is the next best option when reuse is not possible. We are goring our Piqua, Ohio facility recycling program to recycle EPS foam into bike helmets. Finally, we are adding a 4th R – Recovery. We use a propriety biodegradable* technology for disposable materials where recycling is unavailable. By engineering this technology to biodegrade in anaerobic landfill conditions, they will behave more like organic waste in a landfill. The by-products can be used to produce renewable energy.

For more information about Epsilyte’s biodegradable product line, visit our Carbon Favorable Products page.

Post-Consumer Recycling with Epsilyte

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