The POLYSOURCE® Difference

In addition to being available in a variety of colors, POLYSOURCE® is made with proprietary high-impact technology that makes it the material of choice for safety helmet producers. The expanded density of POLYSOURCE® is 3X higher than other grades, making it ideal for safety helmets. Strong enough to protect your head, but light enough to not be a pain in the neck!

We specialize in long supply chains and overseas customers. Not only do we have sales offices on three continents, but our proprietary high-impact technology gives POLYSOURCE® an extended unexpanded shelf life. This makes POLYSOURCE® uniquely suited to supply safety helmet manufacturers around the world without loss of performance on the journey.

New & Upcoming with POLYSOURCE®

In October 2021, the recycled content in POLYSOURCE® was certified by SCS Global. We now offer POLYSOURCE® with 50% certified post-consumer recycled content.