Life-Sustaining Applications

Epsilyte’s Advanced Materials are Unmatched

Our advanced materials are unmatched due to their strength-to-weight ratio. There are many ways to leverage this property. For example, NASA did the core of the carbon fiber blades on the Ingenuity drone to fly on Mars, where the atmosphere is 1/100th the density of Earth’s atmosphere.

Epsilyte is committed to promoting durability and sustainability in numerous life-sustaining applications here on Earth. Over 70% of our products are dedicated to such purposes, and we aim to drive this number to an impressive 100%. By choosing Epsilyte, you contribute to a better future.

Our products are pivotal in facilitating carbon neutrality by revolutionizing building insulation. By utilizing our advanced materials, structures can achieve superior thermal insulation, significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This groundbreaking innovation paves the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly construction industry.

Life-Sustaining Applications

Furthermore, our proprietary POLYSOURCE® technology saves lives by enhancing safety helmets. We provide unparalleled impact resistance and protection by incorporating Epsilyte into the helmet’s composition. This ensures the well-being of individuals in hazardous environments, promoting safety and reducing the risk of severe head injuries.

In addition to life-saving applications, Epsilyte’s EVRgreen® technology enables global vaccine distribution by utilizing insulative and biodegradable containers. Our products provide the necessary insulation to maintain optimal temperature conditions during transportation, safeguarding the efficacy and potency of life-saving vaccines. Moreover, our commitment to biodegradability ensures minimal environmental impact, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

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