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For years, Epsilyte has been a trusted source of EPS solutions to a variety of industries, including: Durable Building Materials, Food Packaging, Safety Products, and Medical Packaging.

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies face various challenges ranging from increasing customer demands to rising costs and intensifying competition. These challenges require businesses to be innovative, agile, and responsive to changing market dynamics to remain competitive and grow. Epsilyte offers quality products that are not only cost-efficient and durable, but also made sustainably.

At Epsilyte, we are proud to say that our commitment to sustainability goes beyond a marketing campaign. Our focus is on minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, water, and solid waste during production. Equally important to our manufacturing process is the end of life for our products, which is why we invest in recycling and biodegradable technology. Here are just a few reasons why Epsilyte is the right choice for your company.

Why Choose Epsilyte?

Quality Quality_icon

When used in the production of various products, our materials have many benefits such as being lightweight and durable. Our materials are roughly 1 pound per cubic foot after expansion. That is one hundred times lighter than the ground. Due to the fact that heat transfer decreases with decreasing density, our materials are very insulative and reduce the need for additional heating and cooling, which in turn translates to a more carbon-favorable product.

Sustainability Sustainability_icon

Unlike our competitors, our focus is on the sustainability of our products. Our decision-making process considers the REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE hierarchy. Every choice we make is made using this simple and effective sustainability practice to ensure that we are not impacting the environment with our manufacturing processes as well as the lifecycle of our products.

We realize that only about 10% of all plastic packaging is recycled in the United States. That’s why we are not waiting for recycling efforts to improve. We are proactively ensuring that our products, such as EVRgreen, can be recycled and won’t end up in landfills across the country.

Our commitment to sustainability is baked into every aspect of our business. It’s not just a landing page on a website, we live by our commitment to protecting the environment. We make sure that sustainability goes into every aspect of our design, from our manufacturing facilities to the recyclability of our products at the end of their lives.

Our Solutions

Our modified UL-certified building and construction-grade material increase fire resistance and reduce the operational carbon footprint in durable applications. These carbon favorable building and construction-grade materials can be found in insulating panels on RVs, insulation for roofing, geofoam applications, and ICF blocks.

The expanded density of POLYSOURCE is three times higher than other grades. It is lightweight, making it an excellent material for safety helmets.

When used to transport medicines worldwide, our EVRgreen(r) material has the advantage of being insulative, protective, and biodegradable. The lightweight nature also helps lower the carbon footprint because the packaging weight is lower, thus reducing the emissions produced while transporting materials globally.

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Our Expertise

Our experienced team is dedicated to serving our customers’ needs for highly insulative materials in a productive and sustainable way. For example, our President, Glenn Wredenhagen, has over 30 years of experience in the EPS industry serving in roles that include Project Manager, Maintenance Manager, and Plant Manager.

Our Chief Sustainability Officer, Jon Timbers, worked as an engineer in polymer manufacturing facilities for Dow Chemical and AmSty for the first 15 years of his career. He has a broad range of experience in the polymer industry, from Plant Manager to Market Manager.

Our experienced and dedicated staff are always available to address the needs of your business and your customers.

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Thank you for considering Episylte for your next project. We are proud to serve our customers and we are committed to providing quality and sustainability to the world we live in.

How can we help? Reach us to get best solutions