Downloadable Resources

Marketing Material

The first section below contains a list of our marketing materials, including FAQs and product brochures. Material is available in both English and French.

Technical documents including SDS/TDS documents can be found in the second section below. You can use the Search feature to find a specific document by entering the product ID.

NameDocument (English)Document (French)
Post-Consumer Recycling with EpsilyteEnglish PDF
EVRgreen: Biodegradable by Nature, Helped by EpsilyteEnglish PDF
EVRgreen: Biodegradable & RecyclableEnglish PDFFrench PDF
EVRgreen FAQEnglish PDFFrench PDF
EVRgreen Executive SummaryEnglish PDFFrench PDF
Advanced Material Manufactured with 50% PCR EPS 124LREnglish PDFFrench PDF
2022 Sustainability ReportEnglish PDF
2021 Sustainability ReportEnglish PDFFrench PDF

Technical Documents

Adept Expandable PolystyreneSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade A19_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade B19_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade BOT OVERS_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade C19_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade ES24_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade F19_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade F24_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade F24_SDS_ESSDSSpanishsdsspanish
EPS Grade L19_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade MOD O_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade O19_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade PRO O SWEEP_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade PRO T_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade PS SWEEPS_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade REWASH WET_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade T170C_SDS_CSSDSChinesesdschinese
EPS Grade T170C_SDS_DESDSGermansdsgerman
EPS Grade T170C_SDS_ESSDSSpanishsdsspanish
EPS Grade T170C_SDS_FRSDSFrenchsdsfrench
EPS Grade T170E_SDS_DESDSGermansdsgerman
EPS Grade T170E_SDS_ESSDSSpanishsdsspanish
EPS Grade T170E_SDS_FRSDSFrenchsdsfrench
EPS Grade T175A_SDS_CSSDSChinesesdschinese
EPS Grade T175A_SDS_DESDSGermansdsgerman
EPS Grade T175A_SDS_ESSDSSpanishsdsspanish
EPS Grade T175A_SDS_FRSDSFrenchsdsfrench
EPS Grade T180C_SDS_ESSDSSpanishsdsspanish
EPS Grade T180C_SDS_FRSDSFrenchsdsfrench
EPS Grade T180F_SDS_CSSDSChinesesdschinese
EPS Grade T180F_SDS_ESSDSSpanishsdsspanish
EPS Grade T180F_SDS_FRSDSFrenchsdsfrench
EPS Grade T185F_SDS_CSSDSChinesesdschinese
EPS Grade T185F_SDS_FRSDSFrenchsdsfrench
EPS Grade T185F_SDS_RUSDSRussiansdsrussian
EPS Grade T24_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
EPS Grade TMOLD O_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
Expanded PS – Prepuff and BoardSDSEnglishsdsenglish
MTRL Cup Grade TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
MTRL EVRgreen Grade TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
MTRL Food Safe Regular Grade TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
MTRL Modified Grade TDS (MA, MB, MC)TDSEnglishtdsenglish
MTRL Non Food Safe Regular Grade TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
MTRL-Lost Foam Grade TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
Peru EVRgreen Grade TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
Peru High MW Grade 71 TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
Peru Modified Grade 54 TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
Peru Regular Grade 55 TDSTDSEnglishtdsenglish
POLYSOURCE Colored EPS _TDS_ENTDSEnglishtdsenglish
POLYSOURCE HiRez Colored EPS_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
POLYSOURCE Standard Colored EPS_SDS_ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS A500B CN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS A500B EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS A500B FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS B334H ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS B334L ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS B500L EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS B500L FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS C24 EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS C280CZ ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS C334E EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS C334E FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS C334H CS 220401SDSChinesesdschinese
SDS C334H ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS C334L ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS C334R ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS D180F EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS D180F ES 220404SDSSpanishsdsspanish
SDS D180F FR 220404SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS D180F RU 220404SDSRussiansdsrussian
SDS evC280CZ ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS evC334H ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS evC334L ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS evC334M ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS evT280CZ EX ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS evT280CZL ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS F190CZ EN 221010SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS F24 ES 220404SDSSpanishsdsspanish
SDS Grade 00 EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 124LRSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 40 EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 40 TYPE XR5-01 EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 54 EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 54NS EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 54NS Off Spec Residual StyreneSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 55 EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 55NS EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 71 EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS Grade 71NS EPSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MA500B EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MA500B FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MB500C EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MB500C FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MB500E EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MB500L EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MB500L FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MB500R EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MB500R FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MB590E EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MB590E FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MB590L EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MB590L FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MB590N EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MB590N FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MB590P FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MC500B EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MC500B FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MC500L EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MC500L FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MC500R EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MC500R FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MC590E EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MC590E FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS MC590L EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS MC590L FR 220401SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS PRO B EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS PRO C EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS PRO F EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS PRO O SWEEP EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS PRO T EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS PS SWEEPS EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS REWASH WET EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS SB334H ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS SB334H FR 230118SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS T-UNDER ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T170C CS 220404SDSChinesesdschinese
SDS T170C DE 220404SDSGermansdsgerman
SDS T170C ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T170C ES 220404SDSSpanishsdsspanish
SDS T170C FR 220404SDSFrenchsdsfrench
SDS T170E DE 220404SDSGermansdsgerman
SDS T170E ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T170E ES 220404SDSSpanishsdsspanish
SDS T175A CS 220404SDSChinesesdschinese
SDS T175A ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T175A IT 220404SDSItaliansdsitalian
SDS T180C ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T180F CS 220404SDSChinesesdschinese
SDS T180F EN 220404SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T180F RU 220404SDSRussiansdsrussian
SDS T185F ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T185F ES 220404SDSSpanishsdsspanish
SDS T185F RU 220204SDSRussiansdsrussian
SDS T280CM EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T280CZ EX ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T280CZL ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T280CZP ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T280E ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T280EP ENSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T280R EN 220401SDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T738 General Purpose PSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T745 General Purpose PSSDSEnglishsdsenglish
SDS T746 General Purpose PSSDSEnglishsdsenglish